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Purging, Wickedness, and Insight (Daniel 12: 3-13)

The angel finishes his discourse with Daniel. While Daniel is not given total information regarding the end times, he is given enough to understand what he must do and...

Angels and End Times Part 7 (Daniel 12:1-2)

Introduction to Daniel 12. Continuing his description of the end times, the angel presents details of the resurrections of the righteous and of the wicked that will oc...

Angels and End Times Part 6 (Daniel 11:40-45)

The Angel continues his description of the end times with an allusion to the destruction of the antichrist. An exposition of Daniel 11:40-45.

Angels and End Times Part 5 (Daniel 11:36-40)

The angel begins the description of the evil King of the end times, the Antichrist. An exposition of Daniel 11:36-40.

Angels and End Times, Part 4 (Daniel 11:17-30)

The angel finishes his prophecy of selected Israelite history with the rise and finish of Antiochus IV Epiphanes. An exposition of Daniel 11:28-35. 

Angels and End Times, Part 3 (Daniel 11:17-30)

The Angel continues his dispensing of prophecy to Daniel. He works his way from approximately 199 BC to 164 BC as he anticipates the rise of Antiochus Epiphanes. An ex...

Angels and End Times, Part 2 (Daniel 11:6-19)

The grand angel continues his detailing of the events leading up to the Antichrist. These events transpire between 250 BC-187 BC and cover the southern kings Ptolemy I...

Angels and End Times, Part 1 (Daniel 11:1-5)

The angel begins detailing the events from Daniel's time forward. He covers Darius the Mede through Ptolemy III Eurgetes (South) and Seleucus II Callinicus (North) Abo...

Daniel Is Speechless (Daniel 10:15-21; Intro to Daniel 11)

Daniel is left speechless by the angel's proclamation. An exposition of Daniel 10:15-21 and intro to Daniel 11.

Daniel Has a Better Understanding (Daniel 10:14-21)

A review of Daniel chapter 10 through verse 13, and finishing the chapter through verse 21. An exposition of Daniel 10:14-21. 

Conversing with Messengers (Daniel 10:7-18)

Daniel continues his predominately one-sided conversation with the Messenger of Yahweh. An exposition of Daniel 10:7-18. 

A New Revelation: Daniel Receives His Fourth and Final Vision (Daniel 10:1-5)

Introduction of Daniel 10. Daniel mourns and limits his food and activities for three weeks for the purpose of receiving an answer to a prayer for understanding.

Destruction and Decree (Daniel 9: 27b)

Gabriel finishes this vision. The Antichrist will come but Israel will be delivered. An exposition of Daniel 9:27b.

Desolations and Covenants (Daniel 9:26-27a)

Gabriel reports that desolations and covenants are coming but neither will go well for Israel. An exposition of Daniel 9:26-27.

The Decree of Seventy Weeks, Part 2 (Daniel 9:24-26)

The angel Gabriel continues his overview of the future. An exposition of Daniel 9:24-26.

The Decree of Seventy Weeks, Part 1 (Daniel 9:24)

Gabriel begins his description of the sweep of time from Daniel's day to the second coming of Christ. An exposition of Daniel 9:24.

Pleading and Prophecy (Daniel 9:16-25)

Daniel's supplication and the introduction to the 70 weeks prophecy. Daniel finishes his prayer with A request and is interrupted by Gabriel who brings information fro...

Daniel’s Prayer of Restoration (Daniel 9:4-19)

Daniel prays for the restoration of Israel and the temple based on the promise of God that the captivity would last 70 years in Jeremiah chapters 25 and 29.

An Outline of Daniel’s Prayer (Daniel 9:1-4)

Daniel in prayer. An introduction to Chapter 9 and an outline of Daniel's prayer in verses 3-19. An exposition of Daniel 9:1-4.

The Vision Completed (Daniel 8:20-27)

Gabriel finishes his general explanation of the vision Daniel had regarding the kingdoms of Medo-Persia and Greece. An exposition of Daniel 8:20-27.

Angelic Explanation (Daniel 8:14-19)

Gabriel begins the explanation of the vision to Daniel. An exposition of Daniel 8:14-19.

The Little Horn – Antiochus Epiphanes (Daniel 8:9-14)

Continuing with his vision, Daniel describes one of the succeeding Kings approximately two centuries after Alexander the Great and his rise to power and destructive na...

The Ram and the Goat (Daniel 8:1-8)

Introduction to Daniel chapter 8 and a study of the rise and fall of the Medo-Persian and Grecian kingdoms. An exposition of Daniel 8:1-8.

The 4th Beast Explained and an Overview of the 10 Nation Prophecy (Daniel 7:19-28)

Daniel seeks and gets a basic interpretation of his vision. The 10 nation prophecy overview. An exposition of Daniel 7:19-28.

Dominion and Distress (Daniel 7:14-18)

Daniel requests an interpretation of the troubling vision he has had. An exposition of Daniel 7:14-18.

The Beast and the Beginning of the End of Gentile Kingdoms (Daniel 7:11-13)

Daniel's vision continues with the introduction of the anti-Christ and a beginning glimpse of the messianic kingdom. An exposition of Daniel 7:11-13.

The Fourth Beast and the Judgments of God (Daniel 7:7-10)

A look at the final beast in Daniel's vision with a review of the judgments that the sovereign God of the universe has applied and will apply to the world and the heav...

Beasts and Eschatology (Daniel 7:6)

Continuing discussion of the beasts and an examination of end-times theology. An exposition of Daniel 7:6.

Reintroduction to Daniel 7 (Daniel 7:1-2)

Short reintroduction to the chapter followed by verses 1-5.

Introduction to Daniel 7 (Daniel 7:1-2)

An introduction to Daniel chapter 7.

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